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Transforming risk into opportunity takes ambition


#transforming #risk into #opportunity takes #ambition!

This is well illustrated in a recent research study by McKinsey & Company: While reaching net zero by 2050 could require investments to amount to $9.2 trillion per year until 2050 (of which $6.5 trillion annually would go into low-emissions assets and enabling infrastructure) the „growing demand for net-zero offerings could generate more than $12 trillion of annual sales by 2030 across 11 value pools, including transport ($2.3 trillion to $2.7 trillion per year), power ($1.0 trillion to $1.5 trillion), and hydrogen ($650 billion to $850 billion)“.

In our daily business at e-hoch-3 | eco impact experts we see both
- the level of #ambition required by businesses to transform their business models towards sustainably – and – the significant #growth potential this ambition creates.

#netzerocarbon #transformation #opportunity