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Material efficiency in production

Today, we present another successful application example for #EcoDesign.

What does “material efficiency in production” mean❓

👉 This material strategy aims to increase the #efficiency of material use in production. To achieve this, it has the following levers:

➯ Improved product design
➯ Optimised #manufacturing processes
➯ Avoidance or #reuse of production #waste
➯ Suitable production technologies are additive manufacturing or smart production methods: Industry 4.0

And this is what the result of such a successfully implemented material strategy can look like:

Rhenoflex GmbH is one of the world’s leading reinforcement materials suppliers for the footwear and lifestyle industry. The company produces customised solutions for toe, heel and side stiffening for shoes. The reinforcement material is typically provided to shoe factories in sheet form; they then die-cut shapes and sizes individually. This process produces cut scraps, and reworking the cut edges is time-consuming.

With its Rhenoprint™ process, Rhenoflex has developed a process that is already geared to customer requirements in production. The new production technology significantly increases material efficiency.

CAD templates are now used, which guarantee moulded parts with a very low error tolerance, so that a high level of reproducibility is guaranteed with negligible material waste. The optimised process saves up to 30 per cent of material compared to sheet goods.

You find that exciting? Find out more on page 25 of this EcoDesign brochure!

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