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We love EcoDesign!

We have the expertise for resource-saving product design including the use of innovative, #sustainable materials. We work on these topics with heart and soul and share our #knowledge in this handout to #enable many more companies to follow this path.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet – do it now! You will also find exciting stories from the field.

For example, that of the company Lässig GmbH, which, like us, is based in Hesse. Their Green Label series includes a roll-top diaper backpack made of 100 per cent recycled polyester from the textile brand Waste2Wear. For this, 38 recycled PET bottles were processed.

Waste2Wear is an initiative to use #plastic waste from the oceans or to collect it so that it does not end up in the #oceans in the first place. This sustainable backpack thus addresses the input of plastic waste into the environment as well as the need to use these resources. In addition, Waste2Wear guarantees a fully certified, transparent and traceable value chain via blockchain technology: from the used #PET bottle to the finished material.

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