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Prof. Dr. Herwig Buchholz has held various leading positions at Merck KGaA for the past 25 years in different business sectors, most recently as Head of Group Sustainability, responsible for Merck’s sustainability strategy and activities. As Global Head R&D Chemistry, he previously successfully developed the OLED technology from the research stage into a significant corporate division.

Herwig Buchholz is a Fellow of the University of Southern California where earned his doctorate in chemistry and taught after graduating. He is a professor at Oldenburg University. Herwig is also involved in several academic and non-profit organisations in the USA and Germany on a voluntary basis. This includes his work on the board of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) and on advisory boards of several academic institutions. On boards, he supports private institutions in industry and>

Specialist areas:
• Creating and developing group sustainability strategies
• Linking sustainability with business, science and technology
• Innovation strategies, innovation management and technology transfer

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