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Large and capital market-oriented companies will have to comply with extensive #reporting obligations in the future – for example, within the framework of legislation that focuses on human rights in supply chains, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (#CSRD) and the EU #taxonomy. We consider the reporting obligations to be significant, as they bring about a change in thinking and can trigger #transformation processes.

Reporting requirements mean a lot of time and effort and can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, it is important to differentiate:
reporting on sustainability issues is not the same as having a sustainability #strategy.

Companies need to understand their positive #impact and be able to measure it: where do you generate added value with your individual business model or product for society? What are the #opportunities for expanded or new business areas? The positive impact should be maximised.

At the same time, it is important to minimise the negative impact of business activities. To achieve these goals, a sustainability strategy developed with a science-based approach is essential.

We offer our support and guidance as well training on relevant topics to build internal competencies.

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