What we do

We provide custom-built solutions.

Our services include analysis and assessment, target and strategy development, and implementation and reporting. Topics range from climate protection, net zero, circular economy to sustainable finance and beyond.

How we do it

We bundle specialist knowledge.

Our team has a range of expertise, with members specialising in sustainability topics including ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility, circular economy, carbon footprint, ecological audit and environmental technologies.

Our clients

We come with extensive experience.

In the last 20 years we have worked for over 50 companies and institutions, from small and medium-sized enterprises to global players, in sectors ranging from automotive to healthcare. Today, we can draw on collective experience from more than 500 sustainability projects.


| Unsere Veranstaltungen unterstützen und fördern das Wissen um Nachhaltigkeit in der Praxis und bringen es in Ihre Unternehmenskultur. | e3 is a supporter of sustainability and incorporates sustainability knowledge into your corporate culture through our events.